Molekulare Diagnostik

“Advanced solutions in Virology, Women’s Health, Oncology, Microbiology and Genomics for commercial and hospital labs plus innovative screening products for bloodbanks.“

Roche is a pioneer in molecular diagnostics. Since 1992 we have been providing innovative tests based on the Nobel Prize-winning polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.

Thanks to our wide range of products, services and solutions we are able to cover the needs of different types of hospitals and laboratories worldwide.

Roche provides solutions for indication areas such as hepatitis, HIV, transplantation, women’s health, oncology, genomics and microbiology.

These solutions are designed to provide information that allows healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases and monitor patients’ response to therapy. In addition we offer a range of products to identify the molecular characteristics of patients and diseases, thus enabling personalized healthcare.

Roche products also help to ensure the safety of blood and blood products by using Roche Molecular Diagnostics approved systems to screen donations.

Besides molecular diagnostic solutions, we also provide a range of innovative products for nucleic acid purification and PCR in the field of molecular biology.