FLOW System

The future of laboratory developed testing – the FLOW System powered by Roche


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Introducing the new standard for laboratory developed testing in qPCR – the FLOW System from Roche. This end-to-end solution offers workflow standardization and data automation for laboratories performing in-house testing with a large number of samples and a wide variety of targets.

Discover how the Roche FLOW System works directly with your laboratory information system to make your workflow more accurate and time-efficient.

The FLOW System

The Roche FLOW System offers the ultimate in flexibility for the complexity of your test menu and a wide range of sample types –
all from a single interconnected solution.

Benefit from workflow standardization and data automation of your entire test process – seamlessly connecting all steps, from primary sample to qPCR result. This unparalleled precision redefines the meaning of result safety and sets new standards in quality, supported by intelligent data management software that makes accessing and analyzing results truly intuitive.

The FLOW System


FLOW: Total System

FLOW Primary Sample Handling System As the first step in the testing process, preparation of the primary sample is one of the most critical and – with manual testing techniques – that with the highest risk of error. Managing multiple sample types, recording varying sample arrivals, fitting different tube sizes and collecting vital information all add complexity and make the process highly resource intensive.

But with the FLOW System, this complex preparation stage is automated and fully managed through intuitive software that aligns directly with your LIS – enabling faster processing times and a reduced potential for error.

MagNA Pure 96 System

Nucleic Acid Purification

In the next stage of testing, Nucleic Acid Purification can also add complexity and the opportunity for human error – especially if you use the wrong NAP procedure or accidently mix up plates after the process is complete.

But through the automated processing of the FLOW System software, your samples are tracked and recorded for the highest levels of consistency and precision. The process is all performed by the MagNA Pure 96 System, allowing you to process multiple sample types quickly and automatically within a single run.

FLOW PCR Setup System

Final preparation for the PCR analysis is another time-intensive step in the manual testing process. Filling a complex 96- or 384-well PCR plate takes skill and concentration; each well could be different and multiplexing adds to this complexity.

But the automated and standardized FLOW System simplifies this process with automated pipetting and preparation managed by the integrated software. This automated process ensures the right samples, reagents and assays are used, enabling an exact and flexible PCR run.

LightCycler® 480 System

Amplification and Detection
The final and most critical step in the testing process is the amplification of samples and processing of the PCR run. Preparing a large number of plates, selecting the correct PCR program and analyzing the data all can contribute to a possible false interpretation of results.

The well-established and flexible LightCycler® 480 System, managed by the FLOW Software, minimizes these risks and delivers speed, accuracy and incredible levels of flexibility throughout the PCR analysis.

Technical specifications

FLOW: Total System
Run time* Approximately 4 hours depending on number and type ofsample materials used,
complexity of PCR setup, and used PCR profile
Throughput 96 samples per one run through FLOW
Assay flexibility Detect a multitude of targets per sample and per plate
Hands-on time 20 - 30 sec. per sample for the complete FLOW System
Daily maintenance and cleaning activities approximately 15 minutes (for all instruments)
  *Based on the described demo experiment
Same PCR profile necessary for all targets on one plate

Benefits at a glance

The innovative FLOW System delivers automation, standardization and levels of result safety never before possible. Discover what the benefits of this first-of-its-kind solution can mean for your high-volume research environment.

Maximize Result Safety While Reducing Errors

Result safety

  • Completely paperless process with full traceability
  • Reduced hands-on time
  • Minimized cross-contamination risk

Process automation

  • Fully automated data workflow and data tracking, from primary sample to qPCR result
  • Only minimal user interaction required within the sample workflow
  • Modular setting supports a multiple room concept, separating PCR from sample preparation